Diplomat in waiting

I am a diplomat in waiting. That means I am not a US Foreign Service Officer (FSO) yet, but I passed a bunch of exams and if everything goes well, I will be pretty soon. 


This blog is all about the journey of becoming a diplomat and about what happens after. I write from my experience working in several different embassies, sections, and countries.


I have lived the diplomatic lifestyle for a decade now. Before Armenia, I was in Nigeria, Uruguay, Pakistan, and the Netherlands.

I've also been an international development consultant for a while, doing research in Southeast Asia and East Africa.


My life didn't always point in this direction though. Before, I was an actress in the Netherlands. But I gave up acting after my studies and moved abroad to do an internship with the United Nations in Nigeria.


Diplomacy has always fascinated me and the more I learned about it, the more I wanted a diplomatic career.


But I started noticing that few people understand what’s going on in embassies and what diplomats actually do. I can hardly blame them—I barely knew myself before I started working there!


Now I'm driven to share my stories and information about diplomacy so that more people (including my own family and friends) understand what diplomats do – both personally and professionally.

Everything on this blog is my very own, personal opinion.

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