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100 things you didn’t know about me

Updated: Feb 23

At my current Post, new colleagues have to share “one interesting fact” about themselves when they introduce themselves. I noticed most people get nervous, including myself. And I feel second-hand anxiety when people stumble. So it got me thinking; what are some fun facts about me? Surely I can think of some appropriate things to say next time?

There used to be a challenge going around on Facebook, eons ago, asking people to share 100 things about themselves. I think it was around 2008. When I Google it now, I see this is still popular among primarily Christian mom bloggers. Anyway. I didn't do it back then but I’m doing it this weekend because I’m home—it’s my son’s birthday weekend—and I need something fun to occupy my brain between all the cleaning and catering!

  1. Being a diplomat is my dream job and pretty much always has been (my original goal was: Secretary General of the United Nations)

  2. Maybe it’s because I always see two sides of things, or more

  3. And I’m a middle sister

  4. I grew up in a commune

  5. I had pink hair for a while

  6. I love 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles

  7. I usually sneeze six times in a row

  8. I saw my father save a boy from drowning for which he received a hero medal from the fire brigade

  9. I used to play the accordion

  10. I’ve bunjee jumped

  11. Obama shook my hand

  12. I acted in three movies

  13. I drink nettle tea every morning

  14. My first job was delivering magazines, including Playboy

  15. I was in Playboy once (with underwear on—but still too inappropriate I guess)

  16. I ran a marathon (okay, everyone knows that about me!)

  17. I’ve always been a pretty accurate shooter

  18. I can sleep anywhere, through any noise

  19. Massages make me deeply uncomfortable

  20. My first kiss was with a boy named Rafael. I was told he was a refugee from the Dominican Republic

  21. I know how to knit and sew clothes

  22. I hate cleaning but I really love organizing

  23. I want to be Marie Kondo

  24. And I love making lists

  25. And budgeting (but never STICKING to a budget)

  26. I went to Las Vegas once and won $150 in a slot machine on my second try. I've never tried it since

  27. I have a beautiful family seal, but no notable ancestors

  28. I’ve recently been called intimidating

  29. My kids don’t think so

  30. I can’t stay mad for long

  31. I’m scared in cars

  32. I get sick in cars

  33. I hate cars in general

  34. Me being a “bad driver” is one of our main family jokes

  35. Another one is that I have no sense of direction

  36. My daughter has a Nigerian name

  37. I don’t like cookies or pies or ice cream

  38. I’ve have the same best friends for almost 28 years

  39. I got engaged in Mendoza

  40. I like being married, but after 12 years it still feels strange sometimes

  41. I took my husband’s name when we got married, then changed my mind and kept my old name

  42. I don’t wear a wedding ring

  43. I love swimming, especially outdoors

  44. Running and shopping are my therapy

  45. I learned to speak Russian in 2017, then promptly forgot it in 2018

  46. But I still speak Dutch, English, German, and Spanish (with a little memory jog) fluently

  47. I recorded a German study book before I spoke German

  48. I don’t want people to carry stuff for me—l need that workout

  49. If I don’t sleep for at least seven hours, I feel terrible

  50. If I skip any meal I feel terrible

  51. But I don’t enjoy restaurant food (too heavy)

  52. I don’t use flat sheets, but I keep them in case someone needs to be a ghost for Halloween

  53. Growing up my favorite book series was Mallory Towers. I wanted to be in boarding school

  54. I love twinning, even though I also think it’s ridiculous

  55. My favorite Spice Girl was Mel B

  56. I’m competitive with cards and board games

  57. I lived in 9 different countries

  58. I keep track of the stock market because I have a substantial amount invested in it

  59. My first car was pink

  60. I can say the Ancient Greek alphabet in ten seconds

  61. I’m named after my mother’s sister who passed away as a baby… :(

  62. According to Gallup Strengthfinder my number one strength is “learner.” The second one is “wooing”

  63. I think birthdays are the most important holiday

  64. I only like to live in hot countries

  65. I’m optimistic

  66. I love to work hard

  67. And to party hard

  68. I’ve made photo scrapbooks about my whole adult life (and for my kids)

  69. Though I rarely take pictures

  70. I feel good about my legs

  71. I’m vain about my hair, my weight and my clothes

  72. I once flew to Norway for a guy I’d met at the Copenhagen airport (and because he had tickets to see Tina Turner perform live)

  73. I find it nearly impossible to memorize dance routines

  74. I’m not a fan of animals inside the house

  75. Fandom, celebrity quotes and life mottos make my skin crawl

  76. But if I had a motto it would be “Try everything at least once”

  77. When my plate is too full I completely lose my appetite

  78. I don’t understand why coffee tastes great in the morning and bad in the afternoon

  79. I don’t understand why people complain about flying. Even if I’d have to stand up I’d still think it’s worth it to see the world

  80. Going to an ecumenical school turned me onto religion. Going to a Christian school turned me into an atheist

  81. I have an irrational fear about eating cooked tuna or salmon (though I eat them raw)

  82. I’m attracted to unique people and perspectives, and annoyed by group think

  83. I believe not everything bad is worth getting outraged about

  84. I avoid negative people out of self-preservation (and because complaining bores me)

  85. I’m short for a Dutch person (barely 5’5”) but everywhere else in the world I have a normal length

  86. I was taught not to “make” my bed but to “air” my bed

  87. I was also taught that only cotton and linen clothing is acceptable. But I don’t accept fashion limits anymore

  88. I have tics

  89. I rarely listen to music but approximately once a year I become OBSESSED with a song

  90. It’s usually a wild, obnoxious song

  91. The thing that annoys me most about other people is flakiness

  92. The thing I adore most in others is a well-developed sense of humor

  93. I don’t collect anything but I would like to collect books

  94. I enjoy giving gifts (and especially experiences) to people

  95. I constantly make up theories and share them with anyone willing to listen

  96. I love to teach people stuff, but only to smart people because I lack patience

  97. I don’t believe in astrology because I don’t understand it but I think I’m a typical Gemini (flexible, extroverted, smart, nosy, playful, and I can’t keep a secret)

  98. I’ve had run-ins with the police but it’s okay because my employer knows about it

  99. I don’t watch TV but I keep up with celebrity gossip

  100. I stopped following U.S. politics on November 9, 2016


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